Covering Letter for Schengen Visa Application

The most frequently asked question by travelers is How to make Covering Letter for Schengen Visa Application. Preparing an eye catchy covering letter is a significant step in submitting a Schengen visa application. There are several aspects that have to be taken into consideration before writing a covering letter for Schengen Visa.

Introduction to Covering Letter for Schengen Visa

A covering letter is a document required by a consulate or embassy to issue you a visa. This letter includes every detail related to your intended travel to a particular country. However, concise and precise covering letters are easy to understand but it should also not less than a page. Schengen countries, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Far-East Asian countries require a covering letter and it’s a basic requirement. However, to make readers astonish UK and US consulate do not require a covering letter.

Important steps in covering letter for Schengen Visa

The following are the important steps in designing a covering letter.

The first line of a covering letter

The first is a subject of covering letter in which you are addressing the country and telling why you have written the application. “I am highly obliged to apply for a Schengen visa with the intention to travel Italy from 23rd June 2020 to 7th July 2020. “ This first line will tell your country of visit and intended dates of travel.

Purpose to travel

The starting of a covering letter will tell the consular the reason for your travel to the country. It should be in the starting lines and it must be concise and clear. The covering letter starting with the stories of how you fall in love with the country, or how you meet with your friend will not give a positive sign. However, the starting should start “The purpose of traveling is to spend vacation sol/with wife/children” OR the purpose of traveling is to meet family/friend”.

Date of Travel

Complete itineraries should be in covering letter after the introduction phase. For the first time application, the visa is granted for particular dates. So, if applying for Schengen Visa, the applicant should be very careful because it will grant visas according to the given dates. Usually, first-time applicants get no more than 12 days visa.

Cities/ Countries to visit on stay

After an introduction, the purpose of travel and traveling date main focus comes on the cities and countries to stay while traveling. The consular is now interested to know which cities and countries the applicant will cover on stay. If the person is applying from Italy or Germany the applicant will start from the port of entry. The port of entry should be the city of the country applicant is applying from. For instance, if the applicant is applying from Italian consulate he/she should start from Rome, Florence, Venice or any other tourist destination city of Italy.

He/ she should tell the consulate which city he will prefer to enter. After that city, the applicant will continue telling the cities of Italy or any Schengen Visa member country.

Places of interest to stay

The applicant has to focus mainly on the country from where he/she applying for a visa. If its Italian consulate the applicant has to mention “I will start my journey from the capital city Rome, the city that inspires me from the Roman Empire. The culture, food, and fashion of Italy have no comparison with any other country.”

It looks good to praise a country you want to travel tell how enthusiastic you are to travel to a particular country. Afterward, the applicant can tell the wish to see Eiffel Tower, or fulfilling his childhood dream of Disneyland. Or, to see the wonder of the world Pisa tower, OR Christmas market of Germany. Just add a famous place in the city you want to travel to.

Advice on Schengen Visa covering letter

The itinerary of the applicant must show that most of the days will be spent in the country applicant applying from. As we all know that we can change the itinerary after the visa issuance. However, the port of entry should be from the same country applicant got the visa from. Applicants can leave the country on same the after getting entry. For instance, if an applicant applying from Italy, he/she should show most of his days in Italy’s different cities.

Hotel Bookings

The name and address of hotels must be included in the covering letter. As hotel reservations are required to submit with the Schengen Visa application it is important to mention the hotel name and address in the covering letter with the traveling dates. The Hotels can be easily booked with free cancelation from

Enclosing Documents

The applicant must enter all the enclosed documents. Such as passport, visa application form, FRC, CNIC, Employment letter, salary slips, NTN certificate, bank statement, account maintenance letter, etc.

Sample Covering Letter

The following is the Covering Letter of Schengen Visa for Italian Consulate.

Keeping in mind its first time and applying with wife and children.

Date: March 16, 2020


The Visa Officer,

Italian Consulate

Karachi, Pakistan.

Dear Sir/ Madam

I Name XYZ s/o Father name ABC Passport no- XXXXXX is highly obliged to apply for a Schengen Short Stay Visa with an intention to travel Italy from June 10, 2020 to June 21, 2020. My purpose in traveling is to spend my summer vacation in Italy, Switzerland, & France along with my wife XYZ holding Passport no- XXXXXX and My Son ABC holding Passport no- XXXXX for good 12 Days.

I am working in XXX Limited Company (address) (Phone number) as an Audit Manager. I have been working in this company since 2015. My employer has approved my yearly vacations of which my NOC from the employer is also attached.

I would like to visit Italy for tourism purpose. My complete itinerary is given below with confirmed hotel details:

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