Privacy Policy

Privacy policy effective from : February 2020

The visitors on web-page share personal information and it all based on trust. Hence The Travel Ask respect and ensure visitor’s privacy. Following are privacy policy that we follow on our web-page

Disclosure of personal information

Our website does not ask for any information from visitors. Such as their name, place, ip, phone number, & email addresses. You can freely browse our website without disclosing your personal information.

Information Collect (Privacy Policy)

If you have any query regarding travel or tourism the web-page will then require your personal information. Because in order to reply and assist you we require:

Privacy Policy Under 18

Privacy of under 18 is crucial and most important for our website. It is the reason it doesn’t contain any adult content.


We want to provide ease to our visitors with respect to their interests. To make visitors comfortable and make their search useful and efficient our web-page uses cookies and similar techniques. This also helps us to exhibit visitors with relevant advertising. When a visitor arrives on web-page they are informed about cookies.

Advertisements (Privacy Policy)

Our web page might have some advertisements. Because these advertisements are from a third party they can use cookies and other similar technology to collect your personal information. This is done by tracking your interest and show relevant ads.

Third Party Links and Website

The Website might show some links and other websites hence, we are not responsible to their privacy policies.

Change in Privacy Policy

The Travel ask to make sure that visitors are secured. For this purpose, we will change our privacy policy. Visitors will be able to see highlights on the website when the privacy policy is updated.


We encourage our visitors to keep checking updates on privacy policy. If you have any query regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact us because it will make our relation strong.