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General terms

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Intellectual property rights

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Limitations for visitors

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Privacy Policy

Visitors have trust our website by visiting and we respect privacy of our visitors. We do not exploit any details of our visitor or do not forward it for any commercial purpose. Please go to our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Authentication of content

We have managed to publish content with 100% accuracy however, we do not guarantee about authentication of the article or news. There are various articles in news on the website and it’s likely to have some errors also however writers are fully aware of responsibility but we do not take any responsibility for any information mislead to visitor. As our society is dynamic and keep changes so we do not guarantee any updates in the article or news. We are not responsible of bear by the visitor after reading the article or any news. It is solely responsibility of the visitor to confirm the authentication of the news all published contents. The Travel ask is also not responsible for any outbound links.
The company is not responsible for any action taken by the visitor after reading or visiting any of the page.

Changing and Removing Content

The Company is free to change and remove any of the content article news privately published on the website. The company is not liable to answer anyone about deleting the content. The company is not liable to give any explanation if the content is changed removed or deleted.