UK Visa from Pakistan (steps & guideline)

There are multiple queries for a UK visa from Pakistan. However, a UK visa has become the most difficult visa for Green Passport. Our visa experts have tried to make a list of requirements and criteria to get UK visa from Pakistan.

UK embassy goes through the critical examination of every case and then approves visa. The following are the detailed guidelines and requirements to get UK visa from Pakistan.

Steps in UK visa from Pakistan

There are two main steps in the UK visa application

  1. Online form filling and print it GOV.UK or Visa4UK
  2. Submit online form and other documents to Gerry’s VFS Center





Online Application form UK visa from Pakistan

There are two sources of online application for a UK visa from Pakistan. GOV.UK. and Visa4UK After visiting UK Visas and Immigration website applicant has to register. After complete registration save online ID and password for future updates and changes. The online application contains simple questions and basic information. It asks about family, professional life, education, the purpose of travel, intended dates of travel, address, hotel information, etc.

UK Visa Type

This Visa consultancy is for Standard Visitor Visa for Family visiting, tourism, medical ETC.

Payment for UK visa

After filing online application applicant has payment online via debit or credit card. For first time applicant has to pay £93 (Rs.19,000) six month visa multiple entry.

Download and Print UK Visa Form

After the payment download the completed form and print it for further process. This form will be required in every phase till the application submit.

Submission UK Visa centers in Pakistan

The UK Visa Application Centre is located in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Mirpur.


Once the applicant completed the online form and print and arrange all documents now it’s time to make an appointment. The appointment is available on Gerry’s Pakistan website Click Here Rs.2500 is charged for Gerry visa services. You can book an appointment on-site or call the service center. You can also avail of scan documents option at VFS Gerry’s Center or self-upload it.

Timings of Submission UK Visa

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 3.00pm

Processing time: 15- 20 Days

Interview for UK visa

An interview is optional in the UK standard Visitor Visa. It depends on the UK Visa and Immigration to call an applicant for an interview or not. However, the applicant will receive a call in 15 days if the interview required.

UK Visa territory

The UK visa territory includes England, Scotland, Wales, London, Gibraltar, Virgin Island and many more.

Requirements of UK Visa from Pakistan

Before applying vital preparation and documentation management is necessary. Everything applicant entered in application must be synchronized with the documents submitted. Foremost information is reason to visit UK that must be valid to get visa approved.

For Instance: If applicant has written 200,000 incomes in online application that must be synchronized with the income tax returns followed by six month bank statement.

General Requirements UK Visa from Pakistan

Passport current (6 month valid) and Previous

Passport size photograph for UK

All passports copies with entry/exit/visa stamp

FRC (Family Registration Certificate)

B-form (if applying for children)

6 Months Bank Statement and Account Maintenance Certificate

Covering letter of company or job institution.

Employment letter if job and salary slips

NOC from Employer (if job)

Leave Certificate (if Job)

Income and proof of all modes of earning

Property documents/ vehicle documents

Flight Ticket (Dummy)

Hotel Reservations (if staying at sponsor address)

NTN certificate along with 3 years tax returns

Any certification Chamber of commerce (optional)

Invitation letter from sponsor (if visiting family, company)

These requirements are general. However, preparing, synchronizing, and arranging is important aspect to get UK visa approved.

Covering Letter

The covering letter for UK visa is the important document. It must show how enthusiast an applicant is to visit the country for tourism. It must focus on strong ties to your country. Places to visit, dates of travel and complete hotel details should be mentioned in detail.

Bank Statement

The most tricky and most significant document is a bank statement that decides visa approval or rejection. Six months bank statement is required for a UK visa from Pakistan. Now, the bank statement should synchronize with all the financial requirements the applicant mention in the application.

For Instance, if the applicant has mentioned a salary of Rs. 200,000 its bank statement must show the credit amount of 200,000 every month. If the applicant mentioned a profit of Rs. 1million its account must reflect its monthly income. If any huge amount is deposited in the bank in the past six months, the applicant has to mention the details of that deposit. If the applicant’s salary is 200,000 and it shows a deposit of 500,000 in any month the applicant must explain. It could be sell of property, government bonds, car or anything that is in your tax returns. If possible provide evidence of the document.

How to maintain 6 month bank statement

Unlike the US, Canada, Schengen, UK does not require a huge amount to deposit in the applicant’s account. The amount should be sufficient to cover the expenses of the applicant. Each and every amount deposited or credited in the bank must be justified by the applicant. Any unusual transaction in the statement could lead to visa rejection. Any unusual amount must have an explanation in covering letter. The ending balance from 8 to 10 lakhs is sufficient for a single person.

If the applicant is a business owner it is difficult for him/her to show the actual profit. Because there are multiple transactions in your business account and it could not justify the monthly income or withdrawal from the account. In order to get it simple, the applicant must transfer an equal sum of amount every month from business to personal account which will state the applicant’s income/salary from the business. This must be ongoing till six months getting bank statements.

Travel history for UK Visa.

Travel history does not matter much in UK Visa. Immigration and visa officers are rational and decide the case for valid reasons. However, 2 to 3 countries visited prior to submitting an application in recent years will give a positive impact.

Total Cost of UK trip

The online application requires the total cost of the trip including hotel, flight, excursions, tours, and daily expenses. 400,000 per person for 7 days is quite reasonable however, it varies from person to person.

Don’t hide any information

It must be kept in mind that hiding any information will lead to straight rejection. The submission of documents and details in the online application should be valid and true. Do not hide any information as they are aware of it already.

Visa on arrival on UK Visa

There are several countries that could be visited if traveler has UK visa from Pakistan.





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